3D Exploration for Art Class

Last week, I attended a presentation and discussion for Fred Haag’s Art students with freelance graphic designer, Daniel Kent. Dan was showing his work and one of the things he was working on were “books” – and it got me thinking that we could actually hold and touch them and look through them in the classroom, but wouldn’t it be neat to try to combine this with an augmented reality project whereby people virtually could get to “experience” the books. Fred’s Art class has also just finished doing surrealist projects for class and I thought it might be neat to see if we could figure out a way to do an exhibit electronically that was more than 2D…

I started here with a  good step by step (although technical) explanation of how to MAKE augmented reality work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU6PcBS1pWw No one was more  surprised than I that I actually got it to work.


The problem here is that you need an electronic 3D image… and we were going to use real objects, so I was stumped.

Then I found another way to make something LOOK 3D – using Photoshop and After Effects (Mac)


I could see this working with the Art projects – by layering them and animating the shots like in the baseball example – moving past one art object to the next, using depth of field to make it look 3D.

Next, I looked for ways to get something real to be rendered 3D – KeyShot looked like a possibility, but I found out it is more to put flesh on the bones of 3D drawings like engineers do – to make something look really real for prototyping and marketing – than to do what I wanted to do.

Finally, I found 3DSom, which says it can take a 3D object and render it into a 3D graphic – so I tried it and for the first go, I had (what I think are pretty cool results)!

cup for 3D rendering

So the last step will be to get the 3D rendered image to work with the augmented reality process  and get the art objects posted in a blog for external enjoyment.

Going to the art classroom now to take the photos. This could be a great co-project for IST students and art students.

Downloading multiple files into 1 photoshop file as different layers – http://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/layers/images-as-layers/


Mo3dls software http://mashable.com/2013/02/25/3d-scanner-smartphone-app/ to render 3D images – ipad app – real possibility!! Together with aurasma app that I learned about at the Symposium and we may be in business!!!

more promising tools – http://blog.makezine.com/2013/03/14/top-3d-services-part-2/

Success! with http://www.123dapp.com/catch

Next project – 7th grade girls STEM program Pathways!

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