Art 100 Summer Mobile Media Pilot

Professor Fred Haag is participating in the Media Commons summer Mobile Media Project – Students are using Ipod Touches and WordPress blogs to document their learning. This is a brief description of the project:

I am requesting 10-15 iPod Touches with the Aurasma and Tellagami applications installed on them (both are free) to use with my summer course, ART 100  Concepts and
Creation in the Visual Arts. This is a 3 credit course in the study of the personal and
cultural foundations of artistic creation as well as the practice of creative
production in the art studio.

For their final projects (which they work on over the course of the semester), students study one artist of their choosing. They will create a portfolio of their own artistic work reminiscent of the style of their chosen artist. Students will gather both artistic work and several reflective audio and/or video essays on their course blog (using GarageBand and/or Tellagami, and Using instructor prompts to guide the reflections, students will describe their creative processes throughout the semester. As a culminating segment of the project, students will create an augmented reality experience for classmates using the Aurasma app, which ties together images, video, and student blogs thus creating an enhanced art exhibit for students to enjoy and experience.

Students have had training from Carla Rapp (our UP Media Commons trainer) on using the devices – then a follow-up training with me on setting up the WordPress blogs and getting multimedia from the device into the blogs. So far the project is going really well!

Lesson learned – tech-wise:

* problems using BlogPress or WordPress apps for direct transfer – First, we needed to get an API key from WordPress (instead of using passwords directly). Log into your own blog first at – then go to the dashboard – then to Users – Your Profile – then Add new API key – write this down – when you add your blog to BlogPress app, you will use your regular psu id (scs15 for me for example) and then instead of your psu password, you’ll use the API Key you got in the step above -If you are logging into WordPress at via the computer, you’ll still use your regular psu access account and password – only the special API Key if you want to use the BlogPress app on the device.

* still having problems uploading directly to YouTube from the device…
* we found they needed to unplug the devices form the computer and plug them back in again for some items to appear in My Computer/iPodTouch  for uploading etc.


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