Part-time Faculty Fellowship: Course in College Teaching style :)

Finally, all the stars are in alignment – we had enough people who had the time/interest to do this, and I was able to get one-time funding for participants so this is officially a GO!!!

a cohort with 6 people – 5 sessions – relevant topics – practice teaching session = faculty fellows!!!

All times will be 12:00 – 1:30
Thursday June 13
Friday June 21
Thursday June 27
Thursday July 11
Wednesday July 17


Session 1 – Organization & Pacing
Looking at how you have the material chunked/organized at the course level
Drilling down to the lesson level (lesson planning)
Assignment: turn in one lesson plan

Session 2 – Building in active learning and engagement
Assignment: turn in one description of a class which includes active learning/engagement considerations

Session 3 – Assessment
Making sure lessons – activities – assessments are aligned
Exams are fair and course is rigorous enough
Assessment types
Weighting assessments appropriately
Assignment: an assessment overview of your course (brief – just what assessments you are using and why)

Session 4 – Classroom Management
Adding design elements for desired results
Planning for the first day and beyond

Session 5
10-minute practice lessons
Syllabus design
Assignment: turn in syllabus for feedback

Can’t wait to get started!!!

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