How Badly do you Want it?


Believe it or not… persistence pays off…. Part one of the project is happening next week! Effective Lifelong Learning training is a GO!! Part two – the fall pilot – also is able to move forward – a bumpy road, but we are moving!

So a team of us (Dr. Jorge Santiago-Blay, Dr. Cora Dzubak, Loren Brewster, Barb Eshbach, and I) wrote a grant to fund a fall project in a paired reading/environmental science course to incorporate adaptive learning technology, mobile devices, and Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) reflections. We worked so hard on it, and our hearts were totally in it, believing the project could make a big difference for first-semester students. Unfortunately, competition was stiff, and our project wasn’t funded. We were pretty devastated and sad to see so much work amount to nothing in the end. The course is offered once a year in the fall so we felt the jig was up…and yet…

What a difference a day or two can make. I still don’t know how it will turn out, but I feel more hopeful than yesterday that something will come out of this for our students! I don’t know which metaphor to use – all feel so apt… house of cards…dog with a bone… or Lazarus… We aren’t giving up – we’ve reached out for support and are seeking to build a small coalition consisting of a library microgrant, support from ETS/TLT, the Schreyer Institute, and Media Commons – If we pull this out, it will be the miracle of Lazarus for sure… But I am a hopeful person, and definitely a dog with a bone for something I believe in…and in the end, maybe this coalition built of a house of cards will stand and we’ll get to do our little project in the end…and our students will benefit!!!

Hard work (with something to show for it in the end) is its own reward.

In the meantime, we’ve done all we can do… and now we wait. Who needs TV drama – real life has enough all on its own!!!!!

Readers, please wish us luck…

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