To Give Extra Credit or Not… That is the Question

A faculty member posed a question about extra credit – what is known about effectiveness, etc… so I started a search and found a few interesting morsels for us to chew on.

1) Faculty Focus article – gives the pros/cons

2) We are just starting our Early Progress Reports on struggling students – a good time perhaps to check out this article on a project using extra credit to empower the marginal student with a skills-based extra credit assignment. They had success with it!

3)I found an interesting relatively recent one from a PSU Harrisburg professor (which is a good example of an SoTL-type study!) This project pretty much supported the findings from previous studies in that:

* Females more likely than males to do extra credit
* Students in large classes more likely than those in small classes
* Students with  existing higher grades more likely than those with lower grades to do it

Important in general – make sure that extra credit assignments are educationally meaningful and relevant to content..

Reference articles
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