New tech discovered at the Teaching Prof Tech Conference – thanks to Dr. Dave Yearwood U. of ND – What an enthusiastic educator – LOVED this speaker!!!



Speaker holds the SWIVL “marker” (the mic) and allows the SWIVL base to track you.

iPod Touch or iPhone gets set-up in the rotating base which swivels to follow the marker.

You use a free SWIVL app on the device that then allows the speaker to remotely start/stop the recording.

There is a special sports tracking mode settings that allows for different types of recordings. See how-to videos at http://www.swivl.com/videos/

See a really bad (sorry!!) video from a recent class that I quickly tried to test it out with 2 different speakers..Fast forward to minute 6:44 to show the hand-off of the marker which worked fine… Watch the ability to track us… Thanks to Andrew Caldwell for being a willing Guinea pig and all around good sport!!

There are definitely issues with capturing the content – The light from the projector is too bright to capture the screen – so it looks like this works better for simply recording the speaker… Last week, I tried with student group presentations – they passed the marker as each student took a turn speaking. Let’s see what else we come up with as we play a little more!

Ideas?? Share them below!

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