Setting up an ad hoc network with Apple TV and Airport Express

At the Teaching Prof Tech Conference in Atlanta, Dr. Dave Yearwood showed us how to set-up an ad hoc network in a classroom, using the existing projector (or a second one to have a multi-media experience), Apple TV, Apple AirPort Express, and iPads.

Imagine students working on a group project/problem using the whiteboard or other app on the iPad to record their work… Groups join their iPads to the ad hoc network and are then able to easily display their work (when it’s their turn) to present to the class.  A local test worked out fine! No Internet connection though – this minimizes the security risk from sidestepping the local network protections – so our IT Director was fine with it – I’d just toggle back to the classroom computer for Internet needs – The system becomes like the modern version of the flip chart.

The presenter used Show Me Buzzer app for students to use this system in a game show format.

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