SoTL Project moving ahead!

We got an impetus to move forward quickly with the paper portion of our fall paired course project. A call for papers from the Journal of Excellence in College Teaching on innovations in STEM curriculum seems like a really good fit for our paper!! A March 1 deadline means we have to get the lead out… originally we planned on writing it this summer, but we have to at least try for this. Still need to add the discussion, conclusion and fold in the lit search. The really amazing and powerful thing in this part of the project is the insights that keep coming as we work on a section, step back to talk about it, and move forward again. Amazingly rich learning opportunity. What’s next? Get the presentations done…upcoming PSY practice run, TLT Symposium, John Gardner’s Gateway Course Conference, and the Lilly Conference.

2 grant applications submitted to help us continue this work next year.

A few more days of burning the midnight oil, and a milestone will be under the belt… Then I can start writing up a How-to guide for other faculty interested in doing an SoTL project. I can’t say enough about the richness of the learning.

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