Springboarding in SoTL

As we worked on our paired course project (just submitted our first paper – yeah and fingers crossed!), it occurred to us how to articulate our librarian’s role in the project. Since 2010, I had been trying to build SoTL interest on campus. This paired course project is the first formal SoTL project to get through the pipeline. There is so much to learn from IRB requirements to setting up the project and planning for data collection, to presenting and publishing the findings… It requires an understanding of statistical analysis as well… so I realized that I was learning a lot in the last year and a half and the best way to teach someone is to show them… So we invited Barb Eshbach, our Head Librarian, who is now on the tenure track, to join us as a “springboard partner”. We intended this to mean that she would be with us every step of the way, learning and helping in the project. In so doing, she would be better positioned to start her own project this spring, having learned through our mistakes and successes! It has worked out wonderfully. Now she will invite a springboard partner to join her on her project… and on we go!!!

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