Shippensburg 2014: Innovations in Faculty Development Symposium

Barb Eshbach and I presented something we are calling “springboarding” which is a model of faculty professional development in which faculty members who are interested in learning a new approach or process shadow an existing project, participate in the project, and then springboard into their own project, using lessons learned in the springboard project. This style of PD works well for complex, multifaceted processes such as a SoTL projects or re-design of F2F into online or blended courses. Here is the presentation which was well-received.

Here are a few great ideas that I gleaned by attending the conference that I’d like to share:

1) Serving Adjuncts – Into the Driver’s Seat: Enabling Adjunct Faculty Leadership in Faculty Development Programming

A rich array of Saturday events, pre-semester trainings, adjunct leadership opportunities, monthly dinner conversations, driven by adjuncts, for adjuncts. In addition, faculty mini-grants, conference travel, online course development funding, faculty excellence awards, and mentoring opportunities make College of Southern Maryland a great place for adjuncts! I’m meeting with our campus ADAA soon to see if we can replicate some of this goodness on our own campus!!!

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