Network of Trainers & Learning Design Summer Camp 2014

Just about to head up to UP for our annual summer events: Network of Trainers event and Learning Design Summer Camp 2014. I’ll get a chance to learn some new things and also present a new abbreviated workshop on incorporating reflection which I hope will be well-received.

I’ve been practicing to get it into the 30 minute time frame! Here are the recordings in 8-10 minute chunks:

Title: Using self-knowledge and purposeful reflection to encourage positive change in the college years

Experience without reflection can soon be forgotten – this session presents a variety of ways to create reflective activities that are purposeful, meaningful, and can lead to positive change.

Part I – Intro, Goals, Background:

Part II – Examples:

Part III – Try it! Self-knowledge & Crafting Reflective Responses:

Part IV – Action Planning, Coaching, and References:

For those interested in reading more on the topic, this is a good place to to mention Dr. Cora Dzubak’s article, highlighted last year in the fall newsletter on reflection! A Purposeful Pause:The Role of Active Reflection in Learning

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