I JUST finished an IRB submission in the new CATS system…and it was daunting – I guess anything the first time thru is…

Part of my initial reason to do some studies requiring IRB was so that I could work out the kinks and then help other faculty thru the process and this has been a good strategy!!  Case in point – I helped with 2 faculty studies this summer – I was able to really help them thru their first IRB submissions with few headaches – both were approved in the first round – so I must have learned something!!!! That was a huge feel good!

Suggestions for doing the proposal in CATS:

1) Go to the CATS library FIRST (after logging into the system – and complete the human subjects protocol FIRST – It is a Word document – gray boxes in each section are guides to completing each section. DO NOT fill anything in the gray boxes – you must delete these before submitting… Fill in your answers for each numbered section – above the gray boxes – following the guidelines – then delete the gray boxes.

2) There are several forms from the IRB library you will need for a general classroom-based study.. the informed consent form – which didn’t need to be submitted in PRAMS for exempt studies – but this time it asked for it to be uploaded – and the study team members qualifications form.  Have these ready to go.

3) Have your data collection instruments ready to upload

4) Now create your study in CATS – I did NOT see any way to “Save” my work while moving along the steps.. In fact, I actually lost the original submission, b/c I didn’t have the protocol form ready and needed to come back another day to finish it up and then needed to start all over again… so have it all ready to go, and then sit down to go through the steps.

5) Revision request #1 -  On the consent form… if you are collecting academic data covered by FERPA (grades, GPAs, etc) add a second signature line on the consent form so that students sign separately to participate in the study AND agree to allow you to use their academic data….


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