Developmental Math Intervention

After a successful pilot, the Provost at the University of South Florida funded a multi-million dollar computer lab and course re-design project to support success in the developmental math sequence. D,F,W,I rates fell  from 37% in college algebra to 20% (1037 enrolled).

  1. Faculty went to NCAT to get support for the re-design of the course into blended format
  2. Students attend abbreviated lectures (1 hour), access other course content online (videos etc) then attend 3 mandatory hours of work using MyMath Lab (Pearson) in a lab which restricts access to other websites during this time frame. Tutors roam the lab to offer assistance as needed. Instructors hold office hours during lab for 1-on-1 support with students.
  3. Use 2nd try testing. First exams are multiple choice – 2nd try are open response. Higher score counts. Final exam is 1 shot only and comprehensive.


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  • Dev Math sequence re-design: blended course/My Math Lab computer sessions = huge success! Univ. of South Florida
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  • Pairing ENGL 4 concurrently with ENGL 15 – same instructor – counter-intuitive?… but successful! Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) – CCBC
  • Physiology  re-design – content heavy courses – 42% DFWI rates drop to 11% in three semesters Cal. State Northridge
  • Interventions that matter in the first week!Intro to Psych – analytics drive change and success – key?  – IUPUI

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