ECON intervention

Faculty members at UMBC wanted to make a dent in D,F,W,I rates for an economics class. The instructor used the automated release feature within their course management system (i.e. ANGEL) that locked the new content until students could show mastery of the current content. Data collected over multiple semesters revealed significant gains for student grades in-course, and also in the following economics course in the sequence relative to students who hadn’t taken the course with the intervention.

You can find this described online at Click on the Resources tab for links to the session recording and other handouts.

On our campus…
Fulgentius Lugemwa has been doing similar things with his chem lab videos with great success. Students watch a video of the upcoming lab (created by students using a grant by Schreyer Institute) and take a mandatory pre-lab quiz. Dr. Lugemwa reports significant improvement in the labs this term!


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  • Physiology  re-design – content heavy courses – 42% DFWI rates drop to 11% in three semesters Cal. State Northridge
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