Pairing ENGL 4 & ENGL 15 concurrently

It seems counter-intuitive to ask students to take ENGL 4 with ENGL 15 concurrently. However, many colleges have been doing it with great success by following the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP).

Twelve students who place into ENGL 4 would be assigned to an ENGL 15 section with twelve additional students who place directly into ENGL 15. Immediately following the ENGL 15 session, the same faculty member would teach the students in ENGL 4. The content between courses is tightly integrated and scaffolded so that work in ENGL 4 can directly support success in ENGL 15. Students receive separate grades for 4 and 15 and 6 hours of writing instruction each week. If they fail 15, they must repeat it the following semester, but should be better prepared to succeed in the following semester.

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