Fall 2011

Vol. 6 Issue 1 Fall 2011

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In this issue:

1) Feature: Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Embedding Academic Skill-Building into Content Delivery in First-Year Courses

We have wonderful resources and programs for under-prepared students on our campus, but are these enough to reach the ever-increasing numbers of students who are not yet ready, willing, and able to start their post-secondary careers at the levels we expect?

This article explores one possible option: embedding academic skill-building activities within normal content delivery in first-year or introductory courses. A systematic approach across many first-year courses, in conjunction with existing developmental courses and resources, could make a significant impact in student success. At the same time, a systematic approach could send a strong message to students early on about the level of academic work expected of them. Communicating expectations and giving students methods and strategies to tackle more challenging academic work can build confidence and raise the achievement level for all students. Read more…

2) What’s New:

  • ANGEL and the new CMS process
  • iClickers
  • Whisper Room arrives
  • Blended Learning update
  • Accessibility policy approved
  • Digital storytelling adventures

3) Fall Workshops: There are plenty of opportunities brewing for fall. It isn’t too late to get your requests in or offer your expertise! Click the link to see what’s being planned.

4) Faculty Showcase & Thank You!: What you have been working on this year :)

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