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Vol. 7 Issue 1 Fall 2012                                             Print a copy Newsletter Fall 2012

With all of the challenges we have faced in the last year, I wanted to focus on the future – imagining what everything will be like once we see the light of day again. But in order to get to that future, I needed a path. With that in mind, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about ways to move into a new reality. From innovation and entrepreneurship, to the use of data and planning to help envision a new future, to conversations with colleagues in and out of PSU about what works, it has been a rich spring and summer! In this newsletter, I share with you highlights from this exploration and hopes for the future!

In this issue:

1) Feature: Opportunities for Innovation through the General Education Curriculum

Venn Diagram about innovation and the gen-ed curriculumIn a time of severe budget challenges along with a coinciding special focus on building campus identity, increased recruitment, and improved retention, where can we look to make inexpensive changes that can have a positive impact? The general education curriculum, a sleeping giant consisting of 35-38% of a 4-year degree at Penn State offers some real possibilities for innovation and change.

This article has the following sections:

  • Overview of the gen-ed curriculum/requirements at PSU
  • Summary of AAC&U Project LEAP resources (Essential Learning Outcomes, Standards of Excellence, High Impact Practices, Project LEAP Toolkit, VALUE Rubrics)
  • Penn State York 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) data relevant to gen-ed outcomes
  • Challenges of teaching gen-eds
  • Classroom-based strategies to address the challenges, create innovation, and build in Project LEAP recommendations

Read the article

2) What’s New:

  • ANGEL remains PSU’s CMS
  • Ed Tech Updates: iClickers, WordPress, Yammer
  • eLearning @ PSY Updates
  • Accessibility Resources for Faculty
  • Institutional Research Adventures
  • Update on Positive Classroom Climate Conversations
  • Stanford Univeristy’s Design School Crash Course Materials

3) Faculty Showcase : Summer 2012..Thank you!

4) Fall Workshops: There are plenty of opportunities brewing for fall. It isn’t too late to get your requests in or to offer your expertise! Look for the complete list after the dust settles!


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