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Internship & Career Goal Statements

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Nicole Silvestri

Internship & Career Goals

September 27, 2011



Career Goal Statement

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be in the helping profession. My long-term goals consist of becoming a reliable and well-suited supervisor for future employees in the helping profession while also possibly becoming an advocate and a counselor for children. I realize that in order to be effectively prepared for my future long-term goals, I need to have short-term goals in place, as well. Two of my most vital short-term goals as of late include receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies and then continuing on to get my Master’s degree as soon as possible. I know that I need to stay focused and I am driven to succeed so I will always keep my long-term goals in mind while efficiently completing my short-term goals along the way.

In order to get an appropriate action plan into place to complete my goals, I have created some specific objectives for myself in order to stay focused on the task at hand. I have noticed that many of my short-term objectives I have already followed through with. These include; realizing that my personality, values, and dreams involve wanting to help others and in doing so, I had chosen the Human Development/Family Studies major, and meeting with Dr. Gill to discuss the correct and appropriate college courses that I should be taking in order to eventually receive my Bachelor’s degree.

Focusing attention to intermediate goals, I have collected many beneficial tools to help me to reach my goals and I understand that
my knowledge and skills will always be put to the test and in this case, I need to remember to always further my education. Some tools that I have already used have been creating my resume and cover letter, searching for specific jobs/internships of interest, and learning many advantageous skills and theories relating to the social services field in order to ensure that I am equipped to carry out my goals to the absolute best of my ability. In addition, although I have not really used many long-term objectives yet, I will be in the very near future. I will be searching for and hopefully getting an internship with an organization that is of utmost interest to me, I will send out my resume and cover letter to organizations of interest, and I will begin to delve deeper into my future plans for attending graduate school.


Internship Goal

Like mentioned above, my main focus is to work with children (possibly somewhere within 6-12 years of age). I enjoy teaching children new information and opening up possibilities for exploration and growth for them, as well. I currently work at the YWCA as an Assistant Group Supervisor in the classroom with school-age children and I absolutely love that type of setting. I find great enjoyment in ‘leading positively by example’ and encouraging children to explore all beneficial possibilities when learning. Two organizations that I am the most interested in, thus far, for my internship are Philhaven and Susan Byrne’s Center.
I have been in both of these settings in the past for a short time and my hopes is that I will gain the proper experience, advice, and
skills to someday become an effective and ethically-sound human service worker. In addition, I am hoping that this internship will
provide some sort of outlook as to what specific areas/organizations I see myself doing and those sorts of things that I definitely do not see myself doing someday. Also, receiving an internship that is located some-what close to the area would be beneficial so that I can spend more of my time in the organization instead of traveling back and forth, consuming a good portion of my time and education.

Six personal goals that I have made to help with the above aspects include:

      1. I want to learn new skills while also using some of the skills
        that I have learned throughout my college years in the
      2. I want to be able to become a more confident and effective public
      3. I want to learn more about available resources and how to retrieve
        them for myself and for possible future clients
      4. I want to have a much more clearer understanding (at the end of
        internship) if the type of organization that I have helped out and
        the work that is done is something that I can either see myself
        doing in the future or not doing
      5. I want to meet and learn to effectively help those from different
      6. I want to feel confident in discussing particular things with
        clients, a supervisor, and/or other employees